Well, there’s another summer down the proverbial drain, although the latter part of the summer didn’t provide enough moisture to lick the back of a stamp let alone flush something down a drain.  That being said, you don’t actually have to lick stamps anymore. They just stick. Contrast that with June 2012  where the average temperature was 13.2 degrees.  

In celebration of the arrival of Fall, JACK fm presents is a list of Ten Ways to Survive a Fall (there are actually eleven but ten is a more organic number for a list).  Suffice to say – they are explained following the picture.

1 – Slow Down! (try not to attain maximum acceleration)

2 – FInd a Good Spot to Land (note: rocks are bad)

3 – Steer Towards It (also in the winter, steer into a skid)

4 – Bend Your Knees (yeah like that’ll help)

5 – Relax. (see above)

6 – Land on your feet. (ouch)

7 – Oh wait – I mean the balls of your feet. (oh that makes it better)

8 – Roll (like in an action movie)

9 – Mind your head (that’s why you should wear a helmet when falling off a balcony or such)

10 – Be ready for the bounce

Courtesy of WikiHow